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Female Concealed Carrier Survives Robbery and Drive-By-Shooting, Shoots Attacker In Head

COCOA, FLORIDA — It’s scary enough surviving and getting out of a robbery attempt, but then to be shot at in a drive by attack takes things to a whole new level. This female concealed carrier however managed to survive both and score a head-shot on one the attackers in the process.

Witnesses told authorities that a mother and daughter were outside the store when two men in a vehicle approached them.

According to authorities, Latray Bell, the man who was with the person who got shot, held a gun and pointed it at one of the women and said she owed him money. The woman refused to give Bell the money, so the pair got back into their vehicle and drove away, but fired shots as they left.

Officials said the man Bell was with was the only person that was hit. Authorities said the woman, who has a concealed weapons permit, defended herself by firing back.


So these two bad guys roll up on a mom and daughter, trying to extort money from mom by saying that she owes them money. The bad guys point a gun at mom to further intimidate her into giving them money. She stands her ground and refuses.

The would be robbers weren’t happy about the situation, and got back in their car. However, as the two failed robbers drove by the pair of women, they opened fire on them. This time, the mom realized that standing her ground wasn’t going to be enough to survive. She pulled out her concealed carry gun and returned fire.

The shootout lasted more than just a couple shots each. The storefront this exchange of gunfire took place at was riddled with bullets when it was all over. Inside the car, one of the would-be robbers was shot in the head. Both men were taken into custody; one going to the hospital and the other to jail.

Police have determined that mom acted in self defense and no charges are being filed against her. Kudos to mom for protecting herself and her daughter, and for not being intimidated by these couple of punks.

She found herself in a very dangerous situation and was forced to defend herself with her firearm. In the end she came out unscathed while good marksmanship landed her a hit that ended the threat.

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