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Las Vegas Carjacking Suspect Shot And Killed With His Own Gun By Intended Victim

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — One suspect is dead and another is at large after an attempted carjacking in Las Vegas.

The incident occurred November 19th in a parking lot as the victim and her friend were waiting to attend a party. Las Vegas Metro Police state that another vehicle pulled into the parking lot and blocked the victim’s vehicle. Three male suspects got out of the vehicle brandishing guns and ordered the two women out of their vehicle.

One of the suspects pulled the victim from the drivers seat of her vehicle and got into the car. The suspect was unable to start the car. The suspect put his gun in his lap as he continued to attempt to start the car. The victim grabbed the suspect’s weapon and attempted to flee. She was tackled by a second suspect but was able to shoot him at least one time. Another suspect fired on the victim but she was able to flee to a nearby residence and hid until police arrived.

The suspect who was shot died at the scene. The shooting is expected to be ruled as an act of self-defense. The identity of a second suspect, Jaylin Morrison, was released on December 2nd. Morrison is facing multiple felony charges including attempted robbery with a deadly weapon. The third suspect remains at large and has not been identified. Police ask anyone with information to contact Crimestoppers at 702-385-5555.

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