Message From A Federal Employee Who Wants To Be Armed On The Job. What’s He To Do?


A reader sent us the following message that no doubt goes through the minds of many people that are in similar situations:

I am a federal employee at an Air Traffic Control facility. Like most ATC facilities we are located on airport property leased by the federal government and located not in the best part of town. We actually have had an employee who some years back was carjacked and shot in the face. He survived and is back working. I want to carry and have checked with management and they say we can not come inside the security gate with firearms in our vehicles. I have asked about working a deal with the security guards and storing our guns in a lock box in the guard shack. Management and the security company are not interested in doing that and really neither am I. With it being federal property I know we can’t carry in the building, and the parking lot is federal property leased from the city so it’s federal too. So what would you do??

Aside from telling this reader to find a new job, what’s he to do? As one of many defenseless workers across the country, something’s gotta give…

Any advice for our fellow concealed carrier?

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