Kid Runs Up To Man And Points Gun At Him, Then Squeals Like A Pig When That Man Fights Back


Ahh, the thug life. When intended victims fight back, that’s when we really see what these criminals are made of. And this one seems to be made partly of pig.

The time and location of the below video aren’t clear, but what happens in the incident is.

If you’re going to go up against two people, at least one armed with a gun and pointing it at you, make sure that your execution is as perfect as it can be. The target in this case was quick to act, and it turned out in his favor.

Volume up for this one.

And that’s how things play out sometimes. With the gun on the ground, though, I’d recommend gaining control over it so that you negate any chances of the bad guys picking it up again. For this one, it just looked like they needed to get back to the safety of their homes.

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