Wild Doorbell Camera Shows Fake Maintenance Worker Attempting To Break In, But The Resident Is Armed And Fires Shots


DALLAS, TEXAS — A man in Dallas attempted to break into an apartment, pretending to be a maintenance worker. Ethan Rodriguez was at home when Aaron Contreras, 30, knocked on his door. Using his doorbell camera, Rodriguez interacted with Contreras, informing him he wasn’t home.

Contreras returned shortly after with a masked individual, both trying to force their way in, as captured by the doorbell camera. A gun can be seen in the hand of Contreras on the video.

Rodriguez retaliated by firing multiple shots through his door, prompting Contreras to shoot back and then flee. Dallas police found 13 bullet casings at the scene.

Contreras was later arrested on charges including aggravated assault and attempted burglary, with bail set at $150,000.

Shooting through a door is risky, as we see in the video when bullets hit a neighboring apartment. Luckily, no one was home in that apartment at the time, but it’s a reminder to consider all available options, and be mindful of what is beyond your target.

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