Working Outside In Heat While Carrying; Sweat, Rust, Endless Cleaning, HELP!


Reader Justin sent us the following message with his concern over rust on his firearm, and the endless need to clean it as a result:

Hello concealed nation! I am wanting to ask a question you probably don’t get asked too often but I work outdoors all day every day, and working in the hot days sweat builds up on my carry all the time, it’s getting so bad I am cleaning it almost two times a week just to keep rust away “aside from cleanings when I go to the range of course”, but it’s damage is there, I have been curious if a duracote or some sort of protective finish would get rid of my rust problem or at least keep it for a while?

So, what advice can we offer? I’d offer the following advice, and it’s called Eezox.


Eezox is a great addition to anyone’s cleaning and maintenance system. Actually, it’s a great replacement, as it covers everything you’ll need.

EEZOX® Synthetic Premium Gun Care is a total gun-care system with ONE PRODUCT for all types of guns, including Black Powder and Bow Cams. EEZOX® enables your firearm to function as designed by the manufacturer. A fine black powder cleaner as it will not affect seasoning of a muzzle loader bore.

EEZOX® cleans, lubricates, prevents rust, and finger printing. It eliminates stiff actions, jamming and all types of residue build-up. It’s also NON-FLAMMABLE!! It functions from 450 degrees to 95 degrees below 0. EEZOX® dries to the touch on guns in use or in storage. Your guns are always protected with EEZOX®.

This feels like a sales pitch. The truth is, I’ve been using this product since the beginning and haven’t had a single complaint with it. It literally takes care of everything.

Do you have any other advice for Justin? Share it below, and let’s get him rust free.

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