[VIDEO] A Visit To The Post Office As A Law-Abiding Concealed Carrier

Yesterday, I had to drop off a package at my local Post Office. For many, this is a simple task that’s worked into the day. Here are the typical steps:

1. Drive to Post Office
2. Park
3. Walk into Post Office
4. Conduct business
5. Get back in vehicle
6. Leave Post Office

But if you find yourself carrying a firearm AND being a law-abiding citizen, the dynamics change drastically. For the law-abiding concealed carrier that knows any Post Office is a gun free zone, here are the required steps (as outlined in the video above):

1. Drive to Post Office
2. Park in area that is not on Post Office property (this includes the Post Office parking lot)
3. Scan area before removing firearm from holster to make sure no one sees your firearm
4. Put loaded firearm in secure area (if you have one) in your vehicle
5. Walk into Post Office
6. Conduct business while simultaneously hoping no one breaks into your vehicle
7. Get back in vehicle
8. Scan area before removing firearm from secure location to ensure no one sees your firearm
9. Maneuver yourself so that the holster is accessible, while at the same time trying to place loaded firearm in holster without getting anything caught in the trigger guard
10. Re-cover firearm and holster with shirt
11. Leave Post Office

In a nutshell, it’s a dangerous hassle. With step 9 listed above, one needs to be extra cautious while reholstering from a seated position. This isn’t like holstering in the comfort of your own home, while standing, without strangers around.

Some will argue not to carry in a holster while in your vehicle. To that, I say to each their own. This is how I carry while driving and it works well for me. I even practice drawing regularly from that seated position, with seat belt on.

But that’s not the point.

The point is demonstrated in the above video. The point is the excessive need to perform all of these extra steps just to talk into a building to ship a package.

I’m not a criminal, the gun free zone doesn’t work, and we’re just wasting time.

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