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BREAKING: North Carolina Scraps Pistol Purchase Permits, Effective Immediately


RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA — In a move that has taken some by surprise, North Carolina’s legislature has successfully overridden Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of a bill, now law, that has gotten rid of North Carolina’s antiquated pistol purchase permit system.

According to ABC News, it’s the first override of the governor’s veto since 2018.

It’s a massive win for Second Amendment advocates, and one that costs those who are opposed to pro-firearm legislation very little.

For those who may not yet know, North Carolina was a state that required either a pistol purchase permit or concealed carry permit for both public and private handgun sales.

This permitting process was carried out by sheriffs, who were required to perform character evaluations and criminal history checks for permit applicants.

While this may have made some sense at some point, the process was made completely redundant by the presence of an up-to-date, functional national background check system.

Now, in order to acquire a handgun from a gun store, purchasers are still required to undergo a background check — that background check just comes in the form of a NICS background check or a valid concealed carry permit.

According to WECT, “Private handgun transfers do not require a NICS background check.”

That does not, however, somehow permit the sale of handguns to those who are not legally capable of possessing them.

This repeal took place with the backing of the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association, according to the Washington Examiner.

This repeal takes effect immediately. Congratulations, North Carolina!

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