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Houston Store Clerk Fights Back, Killing Two Of Three Armed Robbers

HOUSTON, TEXAS — The news reporter for this station summed up gun ownership for self-defense in her opening segment; “Those who work here were prepared because they know what it’s like to be victims.”

Well, almost. It’s good to be armed before knowing what it’s like to be a victim, but you get the idea.

Robbed just 12 days earlier, the workers at the Super K store in Houston were prepared for trouble this time around.

When three armed men stormed into the store, they went to the register and pistol-whipped an employee. One of the armed men waited by the door to hold it open. The owner’s brother was on break, but still in the store, when the robbery was happening.

Armed, the brother opens fire on the armed men. Two of the suspects died a short time later after they were found by police and taken to the hospital. There is no word on the other two suspects, who are still on the run.

When people take their safety into their own hands by arming themselves, criminals often times will lose the fight that they force upon others. It’s a beautiful thing.

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