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Bad DGU: Man Aggressively Approaches Armed Citizen With Garbage Can

ORANGEBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA — A property owner was alerted by neighbors that a man had been staying on his property, so the property owner and a friend went to investigate.

First off, call the police and have them investigate. Why get involved in a potentially dangerous situation?

When they got there, they found a small shelter. Then, they found the man.

A man allegedly threatened to kill the owner and his friend if they moved the stuff.

The man picked up a trash can and started walking aggressively toward the owner and the friend, the report said.

The owner fired his revolver in the air.

via thetandd.com

The man was found by police and given a trespass notice, and that’s basically the end of the story.

We aren’t sure if the property owner will face any charges for the warning shot, but let’s be clear: warning shots are, in 99.9% of cases, a bad idea.

Call the police and let them come out to assess the situation, and handle anyone who might be on your property illegally.

Unless the police are defunded, of course. Then, we’re going to have a different story altogether.

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