6 Companies That Don’t Want Your Firearms Near Them – And How You Can Replace Them

There’s obviously far more companies and chains that have made the decision to ban law abiding citizens with firearms into their establishments – but we’ve decided to highlight six.  Yes, just six.  Six places we see all too often and may have even frequented but are sad to learn that they do not share our enthusiasm for the Second Amendment.

Just to be clear – most of these companies are operated franchises so some locations may have their own set of rules.  Always follow state and local ordinances where they apply and if you see signage, obey it or shop elsewhere.

1.  “Gun Free” Culprit #1:  IKEA – “Vad?! Varför?”

The land of a thousand miniature torque wrenches, trendy chic particle board furniture, and cheap plastic cups has long kept this standing policy.  In IKEA’s round, Swedish meatball eyes, there never be a need for man or woman to shop there armed.   As of March, 2013, IKEA has been on record as saying guns are not permitted in their stores.

Just as good, really.  You’d be better off checking out a DIY series on building your own IKEA furniture from scratch.  Best of all, it probably lasts longer.

2.  Qdoba Mexican Grill – And Sometimes Chipotle?

You can order a burrito the size of your child’s leg but you can’t do it with a concealed carry firearm on your hip.  At least not at Qdoba Mexican Grill.   We’re waiting for official confirmation back from Jack In The Box (who owns Qdoba).

We’ve also unfortunately discovered some Chipotle locations are asking (but not outright prohibiting) firearms.  This all took place back in 2014 and it seems that most locations leave it up to local and state law.

Do you want to make a Chipotle style barbecue chicken burrito?  Well, if you did – you’ll need to make the following (it’s super easy AND delicious and we’ve included all the relevant recipes here):

Best of all?  No more getting nickeled and dimed for extra guacamole or meat.  Make your own burrito and eat it with your gun strapped to your hip – like an American!

3.  “Welcome To Costco, We Love You!” – Not So Much

For big families or people who just like to pick up their groceries in bulk – Costco offers a great membership deal that allows you to cruise your way to bulk grocery bliss.  Unfortunately, that also comes with a disclaimer: they don’t like you carrying firearms in their store.  It’s an unfortunate fact about this establishment.

What’s the alternative?  I guess it’s Sam’s Club.  While there have been isolated incidences of unarmed security contractors getting a big froggy, there hasn’t been any confirmed reports of them outright prohibiting firearms in their establishment.  Is Sam’s Club better than Costco?  Eh…  That’s a personal call (like everything on this page).

4.  AMC Theaters – Just Make Sure The Back Theater Doors Are Secure, Alright?

AMC has outright said in its Code of Conduct policy that “carrying or displaying weapons of any kind, real or toy” is ground for immediate removal from AMC property without a refund.

Unfortunately, AMC theater attendees somehow missed a man in body armor carrying three firearms into a crowded theater in Aurora.  That policy obviously only applies to law-abiding citizens not bent on mass murder.

Alternative:  Any other theater that isn’t a designated ‘gun free zone’.  Or wait for it to hit streaming media and make your own delicious popcorn recipe.  Hint: make your own theater popcorn by popping it in coconut oil.

Heck, you could even get fancy with it and set up a white sheet in the backyard and project the movie onto it and enjoy this fine summer weather we’re having.  No limits on refills!

5.  Simon Malls – Because You Haven’t Heard Of Amazon?


Stores in malls across the United States are closing at record speeds.  Mall conglomerates such as Simon Malls represent a growing number of locations that are tactly classified as “gun free” by policy.  That doesn’t stop horrific events from unfolding there.

While plenty of people love to get holiday shopping done at Simon Malls locations, be aware that they’re not really keen on you being armed.  Their unarmed security will not, however, escort you about the location ensuring that a criminal doesn’t take your holiday gifts off your hands before you make it to the car.

Alternative:  Shop local.  There are a lot of great clothing, furniture, and shoe stores that operate in locations that don’t restrict you.  Look around and maybe discover a new style or fashion you hadn’t before considered.  Or, you know, shop online?

6.  Whole Foods – What’s Not To Love About This One?!

The CEO of Whole Foods admits to overcharging his customers.  It’s almost part of the whole (no pun intended) plan.  You walk into a beautifully decorated, chic grocery store that promises all the mantras of “sustainability” and “organic” culture and it turns out it’s the same rubbish they sell at every other grocery store – just more expensive.

Well, as Second Amendment Check found out, apparently they also don’t allow ANYONE to have firearms except law enforcement.  This means employees, customers, people dropping off the food that customers will later be overcharged for – everyone.  That’s great to know for criminals in the area.  And in Framingham, Massachusetts, that’s exactly what one criminal took advantage of.

AlternativeFARMER’S MARKETS!!!  If you want the authentic experience of actually shopping locally and sustainably, you could always head on down to the local farmer’s market on Saturday or Sunday.  Sure, it may not be as convenient, but you’re guaranteed to get a better deal for your money and the food probably tastes better.

In conclusion: if you see a “gun free policy”, find an alternative.  If you find an alternative, post it up on here so we all know about it.  It’s important to promote healthy, sustainable business practices – and making your customers sitting ducks isn’t one of them.

If you want a company to change its policy, the easiest thing to do is leverage what you DO have – their competition and your OWN creative ingenuity.

The best way to protest a company’s decision to not honor your right to carry your concealed firearm into their establishment is to stop doing business with them.  With over 16 million+ concealed carriers out there in the United States, that’s a big hit to the wallet.  So, let your concealed carry friends know exactly what businesses support your right to self-defenseand which ones don’t.

There is always another business which will gladly take your money for equally as good (if not better) product.

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