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Armed Customer Shot Suspect With Box Cutter 7 Times While Holding 6-Pack Of Beer

CASSOPOLIS, MICHIGAN – A Cass County gas station customer shot a suspected robber who was threatening a store clerk with a box cutter on July 27. The incident, captured on surveillance footage, occurred at the Stone Lake Marathon Mini Mart and left the suspect seriously injured. The customer, holding a six-pack of Miller Lite, fired seven shots at the robber, striking him in the arm, back, and face. The suspect, later identified as 35-year-old Cordelius Anthony Martin of Dowagiac, was arraigned on three charges, including armed robbery, and is being held on a $100,000 bond. As a three-time felon, Martin could face up to life in prison.

The customer, who has a valid concealed carry permit, told police that he acted in defense of the store clerk. Video footage showed the customer firing three shots, then another three, and finally a seventh shot, all while still holding the six-pack of beer. One of the shots appeared to hit a liquor bottle.

Cass County Prosecutor Victor Fitz stated that Michigan law allows for the defense of others in situations where dangerous force is being used against them. Fitz is awaiting the results of the police investigation to determine whether to file criminal charges against the customer. The customer declined to comment, while the robbery victim, though reluctant to go on camera, said, “He saved my life.”

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