Shooting Outside Nationals Park During Game Sends Fans And Players Scrambling, 4 Confirmed Shot

WASHINGTON, D.C. — 4 people are confirmed to have been shot during a shooting that took place outside Nationals Park Stadium during Saturday night’s game. DC Police initially found 2 victims outside the park, later learning that an additional 2 victims had already gone to the hospital.

People quickly started to run for the exits, not knowing that the shooting took place just outside. What is thought to be the gunshots can be heard at the end of the video below:

The coverage of the game was tense, with announcers not quite sure what was going on. Video shows fans quickly leaving, as well as players scrambling to get off the field. Video also shows fans taking shelter in both teams’ dugouts.

Terrified fans shared video that shows them hiding between and under their seats, unsure of what was unfolding.

Police made an announcement that they believed the incident was over, and that it was safe to exit the stadium. As an armed citizen, this is exactly the time I’d want to have my gun with me.

This is a developing story.

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