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Fatal Shooting At Gas Station Ruled Self-Defense, Armed Clerk Won’t Face Charges

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A 28-year-old gas station clerk will not face charges for the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Yaqoub Nagi, as determined by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. The incident, ruled as lawful self-defense, occurred at a Citgo gas station in Detroit. On November 25, around 1:07 a.m., Detroit police responded to a shooting at the gas station on Dearborn Street. There, they found Nagi with fatal gunshot wounds inside the gas station, behind the counter.

The investigation revealed that Nagi had entered the gas station and moved behind the clerk’s counter. The clerk, upon confronting Nagi, believed he was holding a handgun. In response, the clerk fired several shots, fatally wounding Nagi, who died at the scene. The clerk stayed at the location until the arrival of the police.

Prosecutor Kym Worthy, after reviewing the evidence, decided against charging the clerk, citing self-defense. Worthy noted the contrast of this incident with previous fatal shootings at Detroit gas stations.

“Last summer, there were a series of shootings at Detroit gas stations, some of them resulted in a loss of life. This case is yet another deadly shooting in a gas station, but the facts are very different. The evidence in this case shows that the actions of the store clerk were in lawful self-defense and as a result, this office will not be charging him with any crime,” Prosecutor Kym Worthy said.

The clerk’s identity remains undisclosed, as he hasn’t been charged with a crime.

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