PSA To Thugs: Stop Wimping Out By Going To The Hospital After Being Shot By Your Intended Victim

You chose the thug life for a reason, and it’s to prove to the world how tough you are. So why, after being shot by your intended victim, do you immediately go to the hospital? Suck it up, man. Time to hand in your thug card. You didn’t realize the hazards of your occupation?

Two thugs did just this after attempting an armed home invasion, but the homeowner was having none of it. When police arrived to the scene Thursday night, the homeowner told them that two men had broken into his home. He also said that he fired at the two men, who were last seen taking off in a vehicle. Apparently they didn’t like being shot at.

Shortly after police spoke with the homeowner, they received word that two men matching the home invader’s descriptions were at the hospital seeking treatment for gunshot wounds.

Which means our armed citizen was a good shot.

No one –that actually belonged inside the home– was hurt during the incident.

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