BREAKING: Reports Of Rioters Entering Apartment Complex In Minneapolis

According to Nationwide Unrest, who have been reporting on the riots and listening to police scanners, a large group of rioters entered or tried to enter an apartment complex in Minneapolis.

3100 block penn nomi section home invasion 20-30 trying to gain entry to an occupied residence.

We cannot confirm the reports just yet, but want to take this opportunity to talk about home safety.

Whether you reside in one of these areas or not, it’s imperative to think about your home defense plan and strategy, and truly know what you’re going to do if people were trying to force their way into your home or apartment complex.

With the police standing down, the situation is dire in Minneapolis. When literally no one is there to save you, you are your own first responder. As always.

Having a sound plan, adequate defensive tools, AND an understanding between occupants of your residence is key to surviving an event such as this.

With the riots spreading across the country, the time is now to fine-tune that plan. While the chances of a riot-induced home invasion are low in comparison to other crimes, these are the times we currently live in.

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