When Shooting At A Suspect Doesn’t Make Sense

You’re inside your home sleeping when you hear your car alarm go off. You get up to investigate, where you find two males in the process of stealing your truck. One of them takes off in the vehicle they came in, a Suburban, and the other takes off in your truck.

What do you do?

Two brothers in Houston, TX decided to take matters into their own hands, while armed, and get in their vehicle to chase down the suspects. During the chase, the brothers shoot at the stolen truck, hitting the suspect which causes him to crash the truck. The brothers then stop in front of the stolen truck and fire multiple shots at the suspect, hitting him in the head and chest. The suspect died at the scene.

The other suspect in the Suburban took off and got away.

As of yet, no charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing.

So, what would you have done in this situation? Do you chase down the bad guy and fire at your stolen vehicle while driving down the road, then once you successfully stop the suspect, park in front of him and fire some more rounds?

It was reported that the brothers saw the suspect in the Suburban point a gun at them, and it is at that time they started firing while driving.

If you’re in a vehicle, behind another vehicle, and they point a gun at you, you should be hitting your brakes. A fleeing suspect is not a danger to you, and a truck can be replaced. That’s just my .02 on the subject.

In short, I would have called police from my home to report the stolen vehicle. Sure it sucks that your vehicle was just stolen, but it seems like a better option than shooting at a suspect while driving. What if one of your bullets made its way into someones home, or any other one of a million possibilities?

What say you? Comment below.

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