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Elderly Man Fends Off Intruder In Ann Arbor Home Invasion Attempt

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN — A 77-year-old mam defended his home from an intruder on Wednesday evening. Craig, who wished to keep his last name private, found himself face-to-face with an unwelcome visitor attempting to enter his Arbordale Street residence near W. Stadium Boulevard. Despite his age, Craig confronted the trespasser who fled before police arrived and remains at large.

Craig, though a tall figure, does not consider himself a hardy individual. However, he rose to the occasion when he heard noises at his screen door, leading him to discover a man trying to get into his home via the kitchen window. Acting on instinct, Craig shouted and fired a shot at the intruder, who subsequently escaped, leaving no major damage or theft in his wake.

Craig expressed confusion about why his home was chosen for the break-in, saying, “I don’t look for trouble. It found me.” He also underlined his readiness to defend himself again if necessary, revealing a resilient spirit.

The local police continue to investigate the incident, and the suspect is described as a thin, approximately 5’10”, white man in his late 20s, last seen in a gray sweatshirt.

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