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Woman Shoots 13-Year-Old Trying To Break Into Her Vehicle


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — According to local police, on Friday July 29, 2022, at approximately 7:59PM, a 34 year old woman responded to a group of four to five would-be car thieves attempting to break into her parked car.

While confronting the gang of thieves, one of the criminals, a 13 year old boy, brandished a pistol and pointed it at her. The woman, a concealed carrier, drew and fired her own gun, striking the boy in the neck. The group fled the scene.

The boy was transported to the University of Chicago’s Comer Children’s Hospital in fair condition. Police were unable to recover the weapon nor locate any other members of the group of thieves. Detectives say an investigation is underway.

Approaching a suspect or suspects can be risky business, and can end with fatal consequences for the armed citizen. If you would be up against multiple possible attackers, that’s a risk to yourself and you may find yourself outnumbered and out-gunned. Be mindful of laws in your state pertaining to the defensive use of a firearm, and have an idea about what you’re willing to get involved with before it happens.

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