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If you’re anything like me, the choice to decide on what sort of holster to invest in is about as important a choice as deciding when to ask your boss for a raise. It can be painstaking and frustrating. I myself have been known to go through at least three or four holsters before deciding which best suits my needs and requirements. As a personal choice, as is with most carriers I know, a holster must cover the trigger and safety if one exists on the firearm. This should be common practice for anyone, anytime, no matter what. Aside from that important fact, other factors come into place when selecting a holster; such as will it be used for concealed carry or open carry? Will I be using it on a daily basis and will it maintain integrity and fit after months of use? More importantly, will it be comfortable to wear all day every day?

I personally own several holsters for each handgun I own; mostly due to trial and error and a majority of those were purchased online, giving me no chance to try out the holster or get my hands on it beforehand. Again, as I’ve stated many times before, this is where a vast amount of research comes in handy. Soon after purchasing my decided every day carry firearm, a Beretta PX4, I went into full research mode to find the best holster to fit my needs. I needed reliability and comfort. Something that would work just as well in the cold Winter months as it would during the hot and humid Summer months.

Due to some fortuitous twist of fate, I happened along a holster review on my Facebook feed one night on a company I’d never heard of before called StealthgearUSA. Curious and hopeful, I examined their sites options and reviews and found exactly what I was looking for. The StealthgearUSA Onyx took traditional IWB holsters to the next level by incorporating a vented and breathable mesh platform to a Kydex mold. The material is sturdy and flexible; but offers the comfort desired by anyone who carries during hot and humid climates. Their site offers a wide variety of molds of the most popular carry firearms to date. The holster itself is adjustable for depth and tilt, giving the wearer several options for their preferred grab and location. Also included with the holster are the tools and replacement parts needed for said adjustments. I may also note that StealthgearUSA does offer other carry devices for spare magazines and flashlight combos.

After purchasing my own holster from them, I wore it consistently for a week even around the house. An important fact to mention is the light weight mesh material is by far the most comfortable fit I’ve ever encountered with an IWB holster. Even combined with a fully-loaded Beretta PX4, the comfort and security of the holster was enough to justify the money spent; which brings me to my one con to the holsters many positives. It’s expensive. I’ve priced most similar IWB holsters around $40-$50 to include shipping. The StealthgearUSA Onyx currently sells at $99 before shipping and handling. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your view) I was already sold on the holster before I saw the price. Since I’m still using the same holster today, I’d say it was a sound investment.


I’ve been using the Stealthgear holster since purchasing my PX4 last Spring, and haven’t yet found a problem with it. Even after the constant wearing and use, it maintains its shape and integrity. The gun fits just as snug and draws as smooth as the first time I holstered it. The metal clips continue to perform as designed and fit tight around my belt when worn, resulting in zero give when drawing. The holster can be difficult at times to remove at the end of the day, but I don’t view that as a negative. It does take a little technique to put on, a struggle all carriers endure when preparing for the day.

I can declare safely that the purchase of this holster was worth every penny. It’s stood up to the rigors and everyday life of being my carry holster, and I am confident it will continue to do so. I would highly recommend this holster to anyone who enjoys the comfort and utility of an IWB holster; as long as they are willing to pay the cost.

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Shellshocked is a 13 year Active Duty Army Veteran with a broad experience and knowledge of all things firearms and ammunition related. A resident of Ohio, an Open Carry State, but prefers to remain among the ranks of the Concealed Nation. Although you will occasionally find him Open Carrying his FN 5.7 in a BlackHawk! Kydex retention paddle holster. His every day carry is a Beretta Storm PX4 Compact 15+1 in a StealthGearUSA ventilated Kydex IWB Holster. Spare Magazine, flashlight, and knife always on hand.

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