Uber Passenger Shot Through Door While Traveling Down Detroit Highway

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A woman in an Uber became the unintended victim of a freeway shooting on I-94, near Livernois, early Friday morning. Authorities were alerted and promptly arrived at the westbound lanes to probe the incident. In their quest for evidence, they temporarily closed the highway.

The 34-year-old Detroit resident was traveling in the rear seat of the Uber when an unknown assailant in a dark sedan fired several shots at the passenger side of her vehicle. An on-site state trooper administered emergency first-aid by applying a tourniquet before rushing her to the hospital.

The authorities have so far ruled out road rage as a cause, but are exploring the possibility of the victim being tracked. The Uber driver, who was unharmed, is not under suspicion of involvement in the incident.

State Police Lieutenant Mike Shaw indicated they would use license plate reader technology in the hunt for the shooter. Shaw asserted confidence in apprehending the culprit, adding that anyone with information should contact police.

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