Tax-Free Guns! Possible Changes Coming to Texas Gun Laws


A celebration could be in order for gun-loving Texans. Among some other potential gun bills, there is a possibility for a sales tax holiday for firearms. According to Reuters, “the increasingly conservative, Republican-dominated state legislature is set to push forward with more pro-gun legislation after the GOP’s big wins in November.”

The proposed tax holiday would be on March 2, the same day as Texas’ independence day. The tax holiday would offer shoppers to purchase guns without a tax.

In addition to firearms themselves, hunting supplies would also be included in the tax free holiday. According to the bill,these supplies include the following items: ammunition, archery equipment, hunting blinds and stands, hunting decoys, firearm cleaning supplies, gun cases and gun safes, and hunting optics.

Not only might there be a sales tax holiday, but there are some other possible changes in store for Texas gun owners. One of these changes includes the open carry of handguns. Another proposed change change could ban cities from restricting gun rights and nullify federal gun restrictions.


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Maureen is a fresh new blogger with a background in Childhood Education and Information Science. Relatively new to firearms, Maureen is diving head first in helping to advocate for concealed carry across our nation’s gun-free zones.

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