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Alabama Senator Thinks He’s Got a Fix For “Gun Free Zones”

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA — Retired Marine, Senator Bill Holtzclaw thinks he may just have a solution to the long, drawn out debate over federal and state “gun free zones”.  Hint: it involves doing away with them.  On his Facebook page, he posted this featured image in response to the shooting in Chattanooga that claimed the lives of five service members.

via Yellowhammer News

“I believe that, nationwide, we’ve created these gun-free zones and cowards that want to be a martyr for their cause are attracted to them because they know that they’re going to be more successful in whatever form of terrorism or activism that they are trying to accomplish,” Sen. Holtzclaw told Yellowhammer. “So when we label a gun-free zone, we actually create a killing field for those people who obviously aren’t going to follow a law like that.”

Sen. Holtzclaw acknowledges that businesses should have the right to disallow the carriage of concealed firearms should they so choose – as it represents a freedom afforded them.  However, he seems in staunch opposition towards traditionally defined “gun free zones”.

This statement follows on the heels of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley’s decision to have the Alabama National Guard develop a plan to arm their soldiers while on duty.

via Yellowhammer News

“Governor Bentley believes that National Guardsmen should be armed when on state active duty,” Jennifer Ardis, the governor’s communications director, told Yellowhammer. “The Alabama National Guard leadership is reviewing the policies and procedures for arming Alabama National Guardsmen, to make sure that they and the citizens of Alabama are protected. The Governor has asked General Smith to develop a plan that will allow Guardsmen to be armed and safely protect themselves and Alabama citizens from any source of danger. The Governor’s directive is for the plan to be the safest, most secure and responsible manner to arm the men and women who serve in the Alabama National Guard.”

So while the National Guard prepares to defend itself and fellow civilians from armed attacks in “gun free zones”, Senator Holtzclaw appears dedicated to dismantling that structure entirely.  Only the future will decide how successful either politician is in his efforts.

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