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Another Armed Citizen Win In CA: Homeowner Shoots And Kills Man Trying To Enter Home

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA — A homeowner had no other choice but to put down a 26-year-old man who successfully bashed his way in through the front door.  Investigators arrived to find the home invader already dead and spent several hours trying to determine the variables in the situation.  According to the homeowner’s wife, she reported to police that she had called 911 a little after 5 a.m. that a man had broken into the home.  Her husband got his self-defense pistol and shot the intruder.  He died a little while later before police arrived.

NBC Los Angeles

The man’s wife told dispatchers that her husband shot the man after he forced his way through the door.

No homeowner wants to ever have to use his gun in that type of situation, but it appears that he acted accordingly.  It’s hard to always know when the right time is to use deadly force against an intruder.  A real easy one is after he (or them) are already through the doorway.  When your fate can be sealed in milliseconds, having the ability to defend your life and your property is paramount.

California gets a hard rap because of their schizophrenic dealings with gun laws.  Just last July, the City of Los Angeles issued a ban on 30-round magazines.  Surprisingly, no one has turned in any.  The reason is simple: when it comes to personal safety, people don’t want to have to split hairs about how many rounds they have loaded.  No one wants to do this.  It’s really just a blatant political pandering move by those who either don’t understand how guns work, have never had to defend their own lives, or simply don’t care what happens to most common folk trying to defend themselves.

And now that I have my little soapbox out, let’s talk about John Dillinger.  Dillinger was a famous bank robber who was shot in the back by federal Special Agents but we’re not going to get into the particulars of his life and career in this article.  The part I wanted to point out is that Dillinger often had his guns modified.  He didn’t go to some law-abiding, tax paying gunsmith to do it: he had his guys that he had make him custom magazines, barrels, triggers and the whole nine yards.

Do you think a magazine ban in Los Angeles would have slowed Dillinger down?  Not one bit.

A bad guy will get his hands on a gun whether they’re available on the open market or not.  The difference between this situation is we have the real ability to legally purchase, train, and use firearms that can actually stand up in a gunfight with armed bad guys.

There is nothing in the American civilian arsenal so dangerous that it deserves banning.  All weapons (firearms or otherwise) are dangerous in the wrong hands.  We, concealed carriers and gun owners, are the right set of hands.

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