USPS Carrier Held At Gunpoint

ALBUQUERQUE , NEW MEXICO — In January, a United States Postal Service (USPS) letter carrier was held at gunpoint during an attempted robbery.

The suspect remains at large, and officials are offering a reward of up to $20,000 for information leading to his capture, according to KOAT.

Kelly McNulty, a representative of the United States Postal Inspection Service, revealed that the suspect is believed to be a 30-year-old Hispanic male with a medium build, weighing around 190 lbs. He is described as being bald with a mustache and stands between 5-foot-6-inches and 5-foot-8.

The incident occurred near Estancia Drive Northwest and Bluewater Road Northwest. McNulty emphasized that this type of crime is considered violent due to its nature as an attempted robbery. She also noted that USPS carriers often face such dangers, particularly during tax season and while delivering high-priced items. Criminals typically target mail for credit cards, driver’s licenses, and other personal, identifiable information.

To protect their mail, McNulty recommends that the public check their mailboxes daily and consider installing cameras to deter potential thieves. Letter carriers have also warned that attempting to rob them carries severe consequences, as they are federal employees, and such crimes can result in a 20-year prison sentence.

Since 2020, there have been 18 armed robberies of USPS carriers, with 13 cases already solved. The postal inspection service continues to analyze tips from the community as they search for the suspect responsible for the January incident.

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