Image credit to the Auburn Police Department, full video below.

[WATCH] Man Attempts To Abduct Barista Through Drive-Thru Window


AUBURN, WASHINGTON — A police search in Auburn, Washington was brought on by a horrifying incident caught on film — a man is clearly seen attempting to kidnap a barista through the window of a coffee stand.

The footage, released by the Auburn Police Department and attached below, shows the attack, which included a “looped tie zip device,” authorities said according to WJW.

On one hand, it’s just bizarre. How did the perpetrator think this was going to work? It’s the logic of an insane man, and the behavior of one, too.

On the other hand, it is, as we said earlier, horrifying. Incidents like this serve as more than sufficient evidence that one can be faced with a real, life-or-death situation completely out of the blue.

In short, this is why we carry.

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