Manager At Ohio Kroger Turns Moms Away And Wouldn’t Accept Their Petition

I can’t stop using that picture above…

Shannon Watts and the Moms are really great at dividing the public, all while simultaneously pinning businesses into a corner where they are sometimes forced to make public statements regarding their firearm policies (or lack thereof), or change their policies all together.

It was a non-issue before they came along. If it were already an issue, the businesses would have updated their policies without the force Mom’s that demand action.

Members of Moms Demand Action visited a Kroger in Ohio with the hopes of getting the manager to take a petition that they had acquired signatures on. The manager declined, as noted by her facial expression in the uploaded Twitter image below.


What they have done though, it driven a wedge even further between the two sides until internet arguments light up social media like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a real shame that this happens in the first place.


Not only that, some followers of the group are down right violent people, as seen here. The sad fact remains that they will continue their bombaradment of Kroger until they get their way. Hardcore followers of MDA will shop there and when they see a firearm, leave their carts in the iasle and call police for some illegal SWATTING. Yea, they literally said that.

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