[VIDEO] This Is Why You Carry At The Grocery Store, Shannon Watts.

Warning: Violence and Graphic Language

Of all places for this to happen, it happened at a Kroger. For those unfamiliar, it’s the same chain of grocery stores that Shannon Watts and Mom’s Demand Action are trying to pressure into banning firearms in their stores.

This fight happened on September 6, 2014 at the Kroger at Poplar and Highland in Memphis, Tennessee. According to witnesses, a mob of teens attacked store employees at the front entrance to the store, and later an elderly customer in the parking lot.

According to police, three people were jumped by a large group of teenagers who were chanting “fam mob.” The group, who came from CiCi’s Pizza, reportedly attacked a 25-year-old customer as he left his car to enter Kroger.

Two employees, ages 17 and 18, were attacked while trying to stop the fight. Both were “struck several times in the head and face while being knocked to the ground”. The victims say large pumpkins were thrown at their heads. They both were eventually knocked unconscious.

Why do we carry wherever we go, including grocery stores? Everyone together now:

Because things like this happen on a daily basis to innocent people who are simply looking to shop. Had one of those people been armed, they may not have been knocked unconscious.

We know that a video like this won’t sway the views and opinions of a group like Mom’s Demand Action, simply because logic eludes them. However we, as concealed carriers, can use this incident to strengthen our commitment to protect ourselves and family from the evil that happens all around us.

This is the second such incident that we have covered in the past few days to outline the importance of concealed carry.

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