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2 Women Shot After Forcefully Entering Home; Police

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — On Tuesday, an incident occurred where two women sustained injuries from gunshots following a confrontation in a residence, as reported by the Tallahassee Police Department. The altercation began when the women entered the home forcefully, leading to a dispute where a firearm was displayed.

The event took place in the 2100 block of Melanie Drive shortly after 2 p.m., according to police statements.

Responding to the scene, officers from the Tallahassee Police Department found two injured women. One of the women was seriously injured, while the other had injuries that were not life-threatening.

The police clarified that this incident was not a random act of violence. It was also noted that the individuals involved in the incident were acquainted with each other.

Currently, the investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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