[VIDEO] Another Reason To Carry: Couple Attacked By Gang In Missouri Caught On Camera

The above video was captured by surveillance video in Springfield, Missouri and shows a couple being attacked by a large group of people as they are walking.

First of all, the guy was sucker-punched from behind with the first punch. Good going, tough guy. As the story goes, the man being attacked was DJing in a club and his girlfriend was with him for the event. She went to step outside of the club and was sexually assaulted by some folks from this other group. She then went back in the building and alerted her boyfriend to what had just happened. They both left to try and identify the individuals involved.

Then, as you can see from the above video, they were attacked from behind.

Police were in pursuit toward the end of the video, but not before a beat-down had been administered.

Both suffered serious injuries that required treatment at a local hospital. Police are asking people to watch the video in hopes of identifying some or all of the thugs.

This is an example of a “Why I Carry” situation. Being outnumbered as they were, the justification of threat of severe bodily injury or death is on the table. If I were this man being attacked, the attackers would have been staring down the barrel of my G27.

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