North Carolina C-Store Clerk Opens Fire On Would-Be Robbers [VIDEO]


There are probably convenience store clerks working late who don’t arm themselves — mostly those who work for chains that prohibit employees carrying on the job — but we wouldn’t be amongst ’em. The USA Store in Kinston, North Carolina is a little neighborhood corner store that stays open late to accommodate their customers. That […]

One Georgia Cop Killed, Two Others Shot While Serving Warrant Outside Atlanta


Three Henry County, Georgia, police officers were shot this afternoon while serving a warrant for failure to appear in court. Locust Grove officer Chace Maddox (above), a five-year veteran of the force, was killed while county deputies Michael Corley and Ralph Callaway were injured. Corley underwent surgery for his wounds while Callaway was treated and […]

One Out of Four Isn’t Bad: Florida Home Owners Shoot, Kill Home Invader


MYRTLE GROVE, FL — Three suspects forced their way into a suburban Pensacola home last week while a getaway driver waited outside. “According to an arrest report, the people inside the home and held at gunpoint were Mary Dirian and Stefan Casanova.” Then they demanded cash. At some point, one of the home owners pulled […]