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North Carolina C-Store Clerk Opens Fire On Would-Be Robbers [VIDEO]

Kinston police release video where clerk shoots at robbers

There are probably convenience store clerks working late who don’t arm themselves — mostly those who work for chains that prohibit employees carrying on the job — but we wouldn’t be amongst ’em. The USA Store in Kinston, North Carolina is a little neighborhood corner store that stays open late to accommodate their customers.

That also make it a juicy target for stick-up men looking for an easy score. Last week . . .

Police say two men walked into the USA Store on South Adkin Street around 10:00 p.m. Wednesday night.

But the two doods didn’t count on the clerk packing a pistol.

In the video, one would-be robber points the rifle at the worker, who then fired a shot at the men. They ran from the store and in the video you can see them drop the rifle at the front door.

(Click above to view video)

The two desperados took off into the night as soon as lead began flying in their general direction and haven’t been caught yet.

Police say they got away in a silver vehicle.

If you know who the gunmen are, you should call the Kinston Police Dept. at 252-939-3160, the TIPS LINE at 252-939-4020, or Lenoir County Crime Stoppers at 252-523-4444.

Good on the store clerk. If we had one piece of advice, it would be that following the fleeing felons out into the night isn’t a good strategy. In fact, it’s a good way to get shot. Better to lock the door and dial five-o. Still, a job well done.

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