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Woman Fatally Shoots Ex-Boyfriend After He Broke Into Her House

ISSAQUAH, WASHINGTON — A woman fatally shot her ex-boyfriend when he allegedly broke into her apartment on Friday morning in Issaquah, as per police reports. The incident occurred around 10:25 a.m. at an apartment complex near 2900 NW Steelrake Place. Issaquah police stated that the woman shot the intruder once, resulting in his death.

The event has significantly impacted the local community, with a neighbor expressing shock and a heightened sense of caution. Issaquah Police Chief Paula Schwan confirmed that the shooter promptly reported the incident to 911 and has been fully cooperative with the investigation.

Firearms in the hands of citizens are useful tools, for example, when an ex is violently breaking into your home. There is no telling what could have transpired had this woman not been armed and prepared to defend herself.

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