[VIDEO] Personal Defense Tips: Defensive Shooting Standard Drill

This great video comes to us from YouTuber PersonalDefenseNet and features Rob Pincus explaining his “Defensive Shooting Standards” drill.

Many in the shooting world stress shooting “Standard Drills” in order to rate their abilities. Anytime you choreograph the exact course of fire, you remove a huge element of your practical training. The need to process information and adjust your response specifically to each scenario is vital to surviving a lethal fight. When you run a drill that is exactly the same every time, you inevitably cater your technique to that drill, and not to the ultimate skill set you are trying to develop. Rob Pincus has developed a “Defensive Shooting Standards” Drill that you can run with a training partner to help you develop appropriate skills in the context of defensive shooting.

Be sure to take some time to watch many other great videos that this channel provides.

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