4 Thugs Rob Self-Defense Shop, 3 Wounded In Shootout With Owners, 1 Owner Dead


I’ll attempt to keep emotions out of this.

Four sorry excuses for human beings stormed into a self-defense store in Kansas called She’s A Pistol earlier today with guns drawn in an attempt to rob the business. The owners, Becky and Jon Bieker, wound up getting into a shootout with the armed men.

Three of the four thugs were hit with gunshots, as well as Jon Bieker. Sadly, Bieker was taken to the hospital and later pronounced dead.

Becky Bieker was not shot, but was punched in the face and body. She was also taken to the hospital to be treated.


Jon didn’t go down without a fight, and was doing what he could to protect his wife, himself and his business. It is not known whether Jon’s shots are the ones that made their targets, but I like to think that they were. It saddens me to see a life taken so senselessly, but this is why we carry. Evil exists.

Two suspects were captured at the scene with critical injuries, and their two buddies took off and wound up on the back porch of a nearby resident. They knocked on the door saying that they had been injured, but the resident did not open the door and instead called police.

Police were sent to the home where they found the other two thugs, one with a gunshot wound. He was taken to the hospital to be treated so that we can flip the bill, instead of just throwing him in a cell and letting him fend for himself, and while closing the cell door, saying “Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.”

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