Justified Defensive Gun Use? Woman Beaten And Head Stomped On At Little Caesars, Onlookers Look On

RICHMOND COUNTY, GEORGIA — Police are searching for 25-year-old Brittany Kennedy after being identified as the suspect in a video that has gone viral. That video apparently shows Kennedy beating and stomping on another woman, identified as 22-year-old Emily Broadwater. The incident happened at a Little Caesars location just after 4 pm on Monday.

A child, thought to be the victim’s child, is seen trying to protect her at the beginning of the video. A bystander pulled the child away from the fight so that she wasn’t injured.

At least 4 other people were there, simply watching the attack take place. When Kennedy is seen dragging the victim outside by her hair, and then stomping on her head, a witness finally speaks up and says “Okay, okay”, in a manner that let the suspect know she was going to far.

But everything leading up to that point, apparently was alright with the bystanders. Just let them settle this dispute amongst themselves, right?

The video below is graphic and NSFW.

Police are still searching for Kennedy, posting a WANTED poster of her on their social media.

Also, we apparently get a back story from the victim and suspect on social media, because it’s 2021 and of course we do.

The real question, though, for us as armed citizens; Would this attack have justified the use of deadly force? The answer isn’t so simple, but we can make a decent call based on one factor, and that’s when the suspect used her foot to stomp on the victim’s head. While not legal advice, I see very little reason for a person to be arrested if they were to draw a firearm on the suspect after the obvious head stomp. The punching prior to this more serious event can be construed a number of ways, so until we have a discussion with an attorney *cough* Phil Nelsen *cough*, we can’t go much further into that aspect.

If you were a witness to this incident, what do you feel you would have done? Called police? Tried to step in? More? Chime in via the comments below.

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