LA Man Who Defended Family Outside Home Has Concealed Carry Permit Revoked Because He Yelled At Officers


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — Vince Ricci, a Los Angeles resident and father, recently defended his home and family, including a 5-month-old child, from two armed intruders. The incident occurred on November 4, when Ricci returned from the gym and was confronted by the intruders at his front door. Inside were his wife, daughter, and their nanny. Ricci, a legal gun owner with a concealed carry permit, used his firearm in self-defense.

However, days after the incident, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office informed him that his permit had been revoked. Ricci believes the revocation was due to his confrontation with LAPD officers, who he criticized for poor investigation of the incident, including not collecting casings as evidence.

The reason for the permit’s revocation remains unclear, as the sheriff’s office has not commented on the matter. Ricci, who obtained his permit after a lengthy process, emphasized in an NRA video (below) that the shooting was a clear case of self-defense, noting the assailants were armed and threatening him at his home.

He also highlighted the broader issue of self-defense incidents being overlooked in the U.S., suggesting political agendas often play a role in how these cases are treated. California law permits residents to carry firearms on private property without a license, and Ricci used his firearm legally on his property.


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