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WATCH: Concealed Carrier In CA Quickly Responds To Multiple Threats Outside Home

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — In a harrowing encounter caught on surveillance footage last Saturday evening in Central Los Angeles, a homeowner reacted quickly when two masked assailants attempted to rob him. As he entered his gated property, the assailants leapt over a wall and one advanced on him with a firearm.

Reacting swiftly, the homeowner, who wishes to remain anonymous, dropped his items, drew his concealed firearm, and engaged in a brief shootout, causing the would-be robbers to flee the scene while firing back. Despite the exchange of gunfire, no one was injured.

The homeowner was arriving home where his wife, infant child, and their nanny were present.

The LAPD responded to the 911 calls from neighbors, but the suspects escaped and remain at large.

The actions of this armed homeowner were near perfect, dropping what he was carrying and getting to his firearm quickly. The entryway to the home doesn’t leave much room to get away, but he used what he had and successfully defended himself and his family against a very real threat.

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