[VIDEO] Clerk Wins New Shotgun After Beating Armed Robber In Tug-Of-War


Here’s the thing about fighting back; If you make the decision to do so, you need to be darn sure you’re capable of coming out on top.

So many stories start out the same. One second everything is normal, but the next second everything is chaos.

This suspect, armed with a shotgun, came into a shop and wanted money. Quickly, as usual. The clerk behind the counter puts his arms up and shows the robber that he’s willing to comply.

Some money exchanges hands, and then the robber jumps up on the counter as a sign of his impatience. He doesn’t want to stick around for too long.

At that moment, the clerk sees an opportunity to initiate his fight-back. He grabs the shotgun, holding onto it firmly with both hands. The robber also has a two-hand grip, and it quickly becomes a tug-of-war to see who has the strongest grip and who will persist.

The most dangerous thing about this, obviously, is that the robber is still on the trigger end of the shotgun and could have easily pulled the trigger while the shotgun was pointing at the clerk.

It’s a risk that this clerk was willing to take, and luckily it ended up paying off.

An even better option; have a firearm of your own. When the opportunity arises; Draw, aim and fire.

Watch how it all went down below.


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