Shooter Identified In State Fair Of Texas Shooting, Brought Firearm Through New Screening Technology

DALLAS, TEXAS — Police have identified the individual responsible for a shooting incident at the Texas State Fair on Saturday night. The incident left three people injured and led to the evacuation of the fairgrounds. Fortunately, all three victims, consisting of two men and a woman, are expected to recover from their injuries, with at least one of them being an innocent bystander.

The suspect, 22-year-old Cameron Turner, was arrested shortly after fleeing the scene of the shooting, and a firearm was recovered by the police. Turner now faces charges of aggravated assault. The shooting occurred near the fair’s food court at around 8 p.m. According to Dallas Councilman Adam Bazaldua, the incident stemmed from a conflict between two individuals who were acquainted.

Despite the fair’s policy prohibiting weapons on the premises, an exception is made for licensed gun owners who can carry concealed weapons. It remains unclear how Turner managed to enter the fairgrounds with a firearm, given the presence of an open-gate weapons detection system implemented this year. This system is designed to identify individuals with weapons and prompt security for further inspection. As the fair enters its final week of operation, security measures are expected to be intensified.

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