Man Shot 4 Times After Misunderstanding Over Someone Passing Gas On Bus

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — In a bizarre incident in Las Vegas last May, a man was shot following a misunderstanding over laughter about a passenger’s flatulence on a bus. Dominic Johnson, 25, was arrested in connection to the event and has been charged with attempted murder, battery, and other related charges.

The episode unfolded on an RTC bus around 2:30 p.m. near Eastern Avenue and Poppy Lane. CCTV footage from the bus depicts Johnson, sitting quietly, and then standing, pulling a weapon from his waistband, and directing it at another passenger. Johnson proceeded to fire four shots at this individual, who was injured in the hand, stomach, and leg, before escaping the scene.

Following the shooting, authorities identified and searched a nearby apartment that Johnson was seen running towards. The victim, upon being interviewed, disclosed that he and his girlfriend had been laughing about an odor on the bus. This seemed to be the only interaction he had with Johnson, and he expressed shock at being targeted so violently by someone he hadn’t even conversed with.

The footage shows that for nearly ten minutes, Johnson appeared unbothered. However, as the couple laughed about the gas, Johnson’s demeanor shifted: he can be observed scratching his head and appearing increasingly irritated before ultimately firing the shots.

Investigative measures led the police to Johnson’s identification through a previous booking image and his social media accounts. A subsequent search at Johnson’s residence resulted in the discovery of a firearm, ammunition, and clothing. Notably, due to a prior charge of grand larceny of a firearm, Johnson was prohibited from possessing a gun.

Johnson’s bail was set at $270,000 by Pro Temp Judge Nancy Oesterie, and a preliminary hearing is slated for October 17. This incident, sadly, is not isolated; there have been other reports of violence on RTC buses in recent months, including a murder earlier this year.

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