BREAKING: Suspects Open Fire On Random People In Vegas While Driving Through City; 1 Dead and 4 Injured


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Around 1 am on November 26th, police started to receive calls about shootings. It wouldn’t be long until police realized that the shootings were randomly targeted around the city as the suspects drove around during their spree.

Multiple calls from multiple locations were being taken, with people saying that someone had just shot at them.

It wasn’t long before casualties became a result of this terrible incident.

A 22-year-old man was discovered shot and killed at the scene. Police said four others – a 23-year-old woman and three men, ages 18, 41 and 53 – were injured. It was not clear if all four had been struck, but they were expected to survive their injuries.


Police released a statement later in the day in which they described the suspects, as well as the fact that they had been caught.

The suspects were described as a white male with a beard and believed to be in his 20’s or 30’s and a white female believed to be in her 20’s. Both suspects were described as having tattoos or paint on their faces.

Preliminarily, it is believed that the suspects were driving around the city randomly shooting at citizens with no apparent motive.

The suspects were later located and taken into custody for unrelated charges by Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS).

The full statement can be read below via the Henderson Police Facebook page:

Places like Vegas can be tough to carry in. Not because it’s illegal, but because many people are there to enjoy some time, and alcohol is a part of the equation in many cases.

There have been multiple times when I have been in Vegas and carried a firearm, never drinking at the same time. Whether it was during the day or while walking the strip in the middle of the night, I had a firearm with me.

It’s not always going to be practical, however. In this case, are you going to shoot at a moving vehicle? Not likely. Furthermore, are you even going to know where the shots came from? In some cases, such as this one, it’s best to get to a location that provides you cover and call police.

The crazies are out there. Do what you can to be prepared and have a plan.

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