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Armed Homeowner Shoots Burglar Before He Could Even Burgle, 2 Arrested

MAINE, NEW YORK — A homeowner in Bradley Creek Road, Town of Maine, successfully fended off an attempted burglary on Aug. 23. Two individuals, Jayvon Phillip, 21, and Rozlyn Warthen, 31, from Binghamton, are now facing charges for attempted murder and burglary.

Reports indicate that around 10 p.m., a masked assailant tried to unlawfully enter the home, threatening the resident with a firearm. A gunfight ensued outside the home, with the homeowner firing two shots and the assailant firing eight. The attacker escaped before the police arrived, but it is believed that Phillip, one of the suspects, was injured in the exchange.

The homeowner remained unharmed and was within his legal rights to defend his property.

Preliminary investigations suggest that this was not a random incident; the homeowner was deliberately targeted.

Authorities revealed that both suspects were armed with illegal firearms during their attempted break-in. Phillip is currently hospitalized due to a gunshot wound on his leg. The duo face multiple class B felony charges, including attempted murder and firearm misuse.

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