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Neighbor Dispute Leads To Deadly Self-Defense Shooting On Christmas Eve

CARSON CITY, NEVADA — A neighbor, who police say had been acting erratically in the days following the incident, was shot and killed in the doorway of a downstairs neighbor. Police confirmed that multiple service calls were made to the suspect’s apartment, including one on the same day of the shooting.

Just after midnight on the same day of the shooting, deputies responded to the 41-year-old’s apartment for similar but non-aggressive circumstances. During their contact, police had insufficient cause to take forced medical actions but were concerned to seize a recently purchased 12-gauge shotgun.

via mynews4.com

Neighbors told police the suspect, identified as a 41-year-old, had been showing aggressive behavior around the apartment complex recently. When they arrived, they found the man dead from a gunshot wound near the entrance of an apartment below his.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting weren’t immediately clear, but police briefly detained the person who shot the suspect and later released him without any charges.

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