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No Charges For Ride-Share Driver Who Shot Man After He Hit Her And His Girlfriend; Police

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — A ride-share driver is not facing any charges, so far, in a shooting that police say happened after she picked up a couple who ordered a ride.

Daniel Pacheco, 27, was picked up by the driver along with his girlfriend after Midnight when the driver told police that she saw Pacheco hit his girlfriend. During the ride, it is alleged that Pacheco fell asleep and during that time, the driver was comforting his girlfriend. He then allegedly hit his girlfriend again, and also hit the driver.

The driver pulled over and ordered him out of the car. That’s when she says Pacheco charged towards her, and she in turn pulled the trigger, shooting him.

Pacheco was taken to the hospital where he is in stable condition, and has been charged with battery.

Despite a no firearms policy for both driver and passenger with Lyft and Uber, this woman decided that her life is more important than a policy that could end up getting her killed while on the job. Ride-sharing happens thousands of times every day and most have zero problems, but once in a while, things can go south.

The case has been turned over to the State Attorney to see if charges will be filed, although from where we’re sitting, it doesn’t look like this driver will be facing any charges.

As for her job, she may very well be fired for carrying a firearm while working, but that’s a hit I’d be willing to personally take.

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