Paramedics Won’t Enter ‘CHOP’ To Help Shooting Victim Because Police Can’t Secure Scene, Ruler Raz Has Words With Them

‘CHOP’ — In an autonomous zone that’s shrunken to 3 blocks in what used to be a part of Seattle, the self-proclaimed leader of the zone had a few choice words to say to paramedics who were responding to reports of a person shot within the zone, but weren’t taking action.

The paramedics were waiting on the outskirts, all while not being given the order to enter because the area was not secure.

In the video, you can hear one of them on the radio talking with dispatch. It’s not they they didn’t want to help, but rather it was unsafe for them to do so.

People seem to agree with our assessment, chiming in the comments of the posted video.

Screenshot courtesy Twitter

And the top comments on the same video posted to Facebook:

Screenshot courtesy Facebook

Another shooting occurred last night in the same area, the sound of which was captured on at least one video.

It’s no surprise that violence would come to this area, but is it coming from within or elsewhere? We can’t say for sure, and to speculate wouldn’t provide any help. The real question: Who is going to investigate these shootings? Do residents of ‘CHOP’ really want the police to investigate, even though they want the police defunded? Should ‘CHOP’ initiate their own investigation?

It seems that this experiment isn’t working.

After the guy above took the video, guess what: his phone was stolen. This is what the feeling of lawlessness looks like, and how it plays out.

Raz, protect this man.

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