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Armed Teen Posts Pictures Of Himself With Handguns And Then Kicks Down Door Of Stranger’s Apartment, Opens Fire — Meets Deadly Resistance

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA — One gun owner was shot in the leg and suffered non-life-threatening wounds following an armed intrusion perpetrated by a 16-year-old teenager. He managed to return fire, fatally striking the boy and killing him.

According to WCNC, the 911 call placed by the gun owner claimed the boy had claimed he was from the police before kicking down his door. The case has skyrocketed in social media as images circulated from the teen’s twitter show him armed. No word from the parents but the school’s principle came forward to offer his condolences to the family.

via WCNC

The school’s principal, Dr. William Logan, said Johnson was a “great kid” and called his death a “loss to our school.”

The reality of being an armed citizen is we cannot anticipate what situation will arise whereby we need to use a firearm to protect ourselves, our family, and our home. It is incredibly difficult to use deadly force in the first place, let alone directed at an armed, violent teenager.

As we can see from the report, the teenager violently bashed down the door and then opened fire. This doesn’t look to be a situation that could have been resolved without a gun.

Based upon pictures that surfaced on his twitter account, it most certainly appears this teenager definitely looked up to violent criminals with absolutely no regard for the welfare of others. But, somehow he’s still described as a “really cool guy” by peers in his high school. This would be a potential indicator that his intent to become a violent, armed criminal was not at all dissuaded and even potentially admired by his peers at that school.

There also must have been no male role model strong enough to identify a potential bad streak and speak some truth to that fiction rolling around in his head.

By lauding this violent man as a “great kid”, we’re inevitably placing this thug on a pedestal when, in fact, had he not been resisted by a reluctant gun owner, he likely would have scored his first confirmed kill.

There’s nothing “great” or “cool” about this guy. There is nothing to be admired. And for those that do, a similar fate may await you.

Carry everyday, especially in the home.

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