911 Calls Reveal Terrifying Night In Port Charlotte Home Invasion

Authorities have shared the emergency calls following a fatal home invasion where a person and a dog lost their lives.

The distressing emergency call was placed Wednesday evening by an individual from a residence on Beverly Avenue in Port Charlotte, near Olean Boulevard.

Officers discovered a man on Felton Avenue lying on the street.

The female caller was terrified and eager to end the call.

“Yeah, they just did shots outside; I don’t know if anybody’s hurt,” the caller said.

“OK,” the dispatcher said.

“I’m hanging up now, ’cause if they come back in, I don’t want them to see me on the phone. I’m just gonna throw the phone in the corner.”

“Where, where are they now? Are they walking outside? In a car?”

“I don’t know. I got down on the ground.”

According to Charlotte County officers, four individuals were unsuccessful in the home invasion.

In an unexpected turn of events, a neighbor got entangled in the disordered situation for unknown reasons, and now faces an aggravated battery charge due to his actions post-incident when he pursued the group.

When the dust settled, a 33-year-old male suspect was dead, and two dogs had been shot, one of which succumbed to its injuries.

“Is anybody injured?” the dispatcher said.

“I don’t know, there’s people outside,” the caller said.

“No, no, no, just in your family who you’re with?”

“Three of my family are outside.”


“All the girls are in here.”


“And the dog is shot. Yeah, he’s bleeding at the mouth.”

Another suspect was admitted to the hospital in a critical state.

Two minors were taken into custody.

Charlotte County officers have withheld details about the specific roles each individual had during the attempted home invasion and have yet to disclose a motive.

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