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Georgia Homeowner Holds Intruder At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive, Intruder Found Wearing Her Husband’s Clothes

TOWNS COUNTY, GEORGIA — An armed homeowner detained an alleged burglar, who had been implicated in a series of car break-ins, at gunpoint until the arrival of police.

The Towns County Sheriff’s Department responded to a distress call from a Gumlog Road residence on May 20th concerning vehicle break-ins. When the deputies arrived at the scene, they discovered that multiple vehicles had been tampered with. The officers swiftly pinpointed two individuals, Hunter Adams, 18, and Travis Foskey, 21, as potential culprits.

Shortly afterwards, a follow-up call from the same vicinity was received, where a homeowner was holding one of the suspects, identified as Adams, at gunpoint within her house. The homeowner had come back to discover the suspect wearing her husband’s clothes inside the home.

The sheriff’s department noted that their investigation led them to conclude that the suspect had forcefully gained access to the house.

Upon the deputies’ arrival, the suspect tried to escape, only to be tackled and apprehended by the officers. Adams is now facing charges of felony burglary along with 20 counts of felony entering an automobile.

The second suspect, Foskey, was identified by the investigators and arrest warrants were issued. Foskey was taken into custody the next day, facing similar charges of felony burglary and 20 counts of felony car break-in.

The sheriff’s office expressed its appreciation for the homeowner’s prompt intervention and the detainment of the suspect until the deputies could arrive. Sheriff Ken Henderson also lauded the officers and detectives for their swift apprehension of the suspects, noting in a Facebook post, “This type of criminal activity is not an ever day occurrence in Towns County.”

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