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Live-streaming Gamer Has Negligent Discharge, Immediately Kicked Off Platforms For Being A Moron

Live streaming is a big deal in the online gaming world, and one user is no longer a part of that world.

The live stream we’re talking about here is Twitch, and Carl Reimer is the guy in the video below. Apparently he’s a popular Call of Duty player, and now he’s a popular irresponsible gun owner.

Watch what he did;

Shortly after this, he was kicked off of numerous platforms. He issued a video apology soon after, taking responsibility for his actions.

It’s a good thing to see Riemer taking responsibility, and telling others what he did was wrong and to not be stupid like him.

He admits that he was intoxicated during the incident video, and that’s why we always tell people to stay away from alcohol while handling firearms. Well, one reason.

Screenshot courtesy YouTube

At least the damage was done to a mug and not to himself or any of the animals inside the room. Things could have been much worse, and luckily he got off rather easy this time.

Or has he?

He mentions Twitch a million times during the video, as that’s where his bread and butter comes from. His apology was likely heavily leaning on having Twitch bring his account back, but I doubt the prospects of that happening are high.

“All it takes is 2 seconds of stupid to ruin everything.” That’s a direct quote from the video above where he talks about what happened. Based on his response, it would seem that he learned his lesson.

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